J. A. Floyd, Inc. is a Electric and Air Conditioning company located in Citrus County, Florida. We also perform other work including Home Maintenance Services, Fire Alarm, Security System, Camera Systems and Low Voltage Installations.  We have been serving all of Central Florida for over 23 years and some projects take us throughout the state.  

We work on new construction as well as renovations and repairs on a broad range of projects, ranging from a basic service calls to houses, hotels, office buildings, medical facilities and churches. Many times on these projects we are doing multiple phases of work including electric, air conditoning and alarm systems.  We do our best to work with both the customer and the general contractor to come up with cost savings ideas upfront that will help get the project done at an affordable price without sacrificing on quality.

If you need work done on your residence or place of business, feel free to give us a call or click on the request work button above.  We’ll provide you with a quote or hourly rate before we proceed with any work and if you choose to use someone else, you won’t be bothered with constant solicitations afterward. We view our customers as part of our family. If you have a need that we can’t help with directly, we will assist in helping to find you with someone that can – free of charge. Thanks again for considering J. A. Floyd, Inc. for your future projects.

From the beginning, the company’s main focus has been on new commercial construction.  Our first three projects were a hotel, a distribution center and a church. Along the way, we’ve added many more commercial projects along with custom houses too.  We like to say we’ve worked our way down as we’ve went. After 23 years in business, we feel that there isn’t much we can’t do.  please click on CONTRACTORS to learn more.

In the past ten years, our company has expanded its focus into the service in Citrus and surrounding counties. Our focus is always on providing a quality installation at an affordable price from a company that stands behind its work. Our service technicians have both factory training and certifications in various specialties to make sure that the work is done right the first time. Please click on HOME OWNERS to learn more.

As our commercial construction clientele grew, we found the need to start a maintenance division to keep up with all of our customers needs.  In the last ten years, that maintenance division has expanded into a full service department. We serve many businesses throughout Central Florida, some with as many as 14 locations.  We know that keeping your business up and running is a top priority. Please click on BUSINESSES to learn more.